Cheap Kills, Awesome Thrills

It’s been less then 10 hours of playing Horizon Zero Dawn and I already know it joins the upper class list of greatest video games ever made.  Generally speaking, When a landmark game appears it is because of fresh or brand new gameplay mechanics and pulls off exactly what it was trying to achieve.  Horizon […]

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The Age of the Superchips

Nvidia has just unveiled the Tesla V100, A insane 21.1 billion transistors on a 815mm² die.  Your GPU is around 200 mm².  A 4x area increase over mainstream chips, Why did nVidia decide to make this ultra expensive superchip?  Basically, there is a new and immediate dire need for as much computational power for research […]

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Robo Evolution Part 3

The future of technology has always been fascinating, It is only becoming clear that the advancement of technology is now on a scale that is becoming extraordinary. We have never seen so many revolutions happening at the same time. Medical science, Space Colonization, Nanomaterials, Electric Cars, Home energy storage. There is one revolution however that could have a drastic social change on the entire world. If we can use this revolution to guide social change in the right way, the potential for the benefit of all of humankind is staggering. It is called ‘the Robot Revolution’ and it has already started.

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