Robo Evolution Part 3


I’ve been obsessing about the future recently and just how potentially awesome it could become.  I am very satisfied with my life right now so this isn’t a hope to harvest happiness from the future, But could be a significant change in everyone’s lifestyle for the better.  If you are not currently happy right now, then you need to delve deep into yourself to find and overcome those issues.  Hoping for a better future is definitely not healthy, you should be striving towards happiness right now rather than expecting something to fix it for you.

The future of technology has always been fascinating, It is only becoming clear that the advancement of technology is now on a scale that is becoming extraordinary. We have never seen so many revolutions happening at the same time. Medical science, Space Colonization, Nanomaterials, Electric Cars, Home energy storage. There is one revolution however that could have a drastic social change on the entire world.  If we can use this revolution to guide social change in the right way, the potential for the benefit of all of humankind is staggering.  It is called ‘the Robot Revolution’ and it has already started.


Before I go on, there is a crucial difference between robots and true AI.  Robots will be able to learn and carry out the majority of tasks in the workforce.  Someday, They will trained by voice and human interactions in unique situation without the need for a technician.  You could even teach robot to function as an accountant, but as clever and adaptive a robot may seem.  You can only ever teach a robot only what it is designed to learn.  The robot will never surpass its built in limits.  True artificial intelligence on the other hand has no limits, it will not have any lines of code.  For more information, check out my first blog linked below.

Over the next 2 decades, we will see robots start to infiltrate every area of the workforce.  Robots will cut the operating costs of both big and small family businesses.  They will be your personal servants (even having a cooked meal ready when you get home from a big night out).  The price of robots will constantly come down as companies will start using robots to create themselves. There will always be humans only jobs but the majority of current jobs are straightforward enough to be cheaper and more efficiently done by a robot.  Every year from today, we will be converting the human workforce to robotic one.  Here’s the clash, a robotic workforce is largely incompatible with the current capitalist system.  The more humans leave the workforce means less money to circulate.  Corporate competition driven by profit gain ensures that the robotic revolution is unstoppable.  There will be increasing pressure driven by the jobless masses demanding large financial changes in the public sector, either that or the top 1% of the financially rich create meaningless jobs for half the population.


Society has trained us to take care of ourselves and family by becoming part of the workforce.  Some of us have even linked being financially rich with the well being of oneself.  Access to common luxuries have helped reinforce this belief.  Except for life essentials, there is no prerequisite for happiness.  If we compare our situation to numerous points in history, we can see the average family has access to more luxuries than ever before yet as a society we still have huge mental health problems.  Living on luxury without a purpose probably isn’t a good idea either. What would we do if we had limitless money/luxury?  Elon Musk had this choice.  He had an easy chance to live his life in luxury after the sale of Paypal.  More than enough to spend multiple lifetimes without ever working.  Instead he risked his entire fortune for what he believed in, not for any financial reasons, not for any social status.  He is now stuck working over 100 hours a week driven by the goal to colonize mars.  It’s great to see a person in financially power that isn’t driven by the sole pursuit of profit, what if we could all follow his philosophy?


It’s whats so intriguing about this century is once there is great turmoil, it is up to the people how society should function.  An example society would be, if the government took care of all your need and luxuries only requiring a mandatory but minimal amount of hours to be worked for the vital jobs of society that robots cannot fill.  A mandatory requirement for humans that doesn’t rely on a person’s financial position.  Any non government company you work for in your free time will get your productive skill for free.  The company can grow not based on financial restraints but by the will of the people. We would be free to explore individual and shared humanity.  Stop climate change, enforce human rights, save endangered species, interstellar travel.  Culture would be important too, spending your time on a major film project not because of the money but because of your passion to help craft stories.  While I would love this type of society, it still genuinely scares me.  I think it comes down to a disbelief of change, How could the world function so differently? Living in this society for so long where money is highly valued over moral belief prevents me from really believing a change like this is even possible.  It’s the nagging feeling that people resist change in all forms(even if it is positive).  Do I even bother hoping?

My answer is… yes.  If I can teach my children to reject the negative indoctrinated beliefs society forces upon us.  To teach my children away from selfish financially gains driven from environmental damage.  Then perhaps the new generation won’t need to hope, they will just know.

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