A Maker’s Dream

The maker scene is exploding.  You can currently buy high quality hand made products for just anything you need, I can see this type of market growing much bigger then it currently is.

I can envision a future where anyone would be able to buy high quality generic parts to create their own products.  It’s already happening with raspberri pi and such.  But it will continue in more areas than just computing.  At some point, anyone will be able to find generic very high quality speakers and create an entire bluetooth headphone from scratch.  What we need is a open standard for easy security and connection, It would be great to choose from generic batteries of all sizes for your design.  It being able to auto communicate with whatever other system you put in there.  Having software to visually connect and create commands that is very intuitive.  This will allow even more unique products for smaller and smaller markets that need it, Big companies usually only stay where the big profits are, But anyone with the upcoming home manufacturing tools can start to create really niche high end products.

Why not just buy a proper set of headphones from a large company like bose instead?  Headphone manufacturing will get so good and so cheap that there won’t be any way to progress the technology for the majority of people, Once we hit that point; then design is really the only progress forward.  The difference between headphones that can store 1,000hrs of battery power compared to 10,000 of battery power just isn’t needed by the general public.  Same goes for sound quality, there is a certain point where customers can’t tell the difference. So the luxury/desired items might turn from the best quality to the best looking headphones or customized to your taste.

This is what current companies should support in a limited manner right now.  Have detachable panels with all the 3d model specs online so makers can create customized looks in a limited way for their products and even have hidden usb support.  We need more creators to make awesome products, so there isn’t so many boring cheaply made company products with no soul.  If you ever wanted to be creative, now is a very good time to start! 3d printing does not take the effort out of creating a work of art, in fact it creates more work since you have to do more refined details.

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