Robo Evolution Part 2

We are learning as we go at Gaming Disorder, If we don’t constantly change our ways.  It’s easy to fall in the development hell that was Duke Nukem Forever.  A game that was meant to be done in a reasonable time, took a whopping 15 YEARS!!

Yes, that’s right… 15 YEARS.  This was a professional company with prior experience in making games.  They wanted it groundbreaking, in game play and in visual quality.  They had this goal in mind, which for us gamer is a very noble effort.  One of the major issues problem was, when A new piece of technology came out.  They stop working on their current prototypes and moved the entire project across.  After 4 years, the graphics they currently had wasn’t ground breaking anymore.  They had to redo all the graphics they had done.  Now graphics isn’t everything, in fact as long as it’s satisfactory it doesn’t stop your game from becoming a smash hit and cult classic.  At the end of the day, it’s all about the gameplay and the story.


Also, You can have the greatest ideas for a game.  Getting that idea from your mind to reality is a process that can destroy the soul.  No matter how hard you try, trying to do a film like lord of the rings with a budget of $1,000 just isn’t going to produce results(or great results).  Ideas for games have to catered to suit your team and tools.  We have already made this mistake in a upcoming game we have been working on for years.  I will discuss the exact reasons in another blog, however there is always a silver lining.  When we started, I had no programming knowledge, we had no idea how to even start a project.  Now, As a team we feel like we have the skill sets to start using unity(A professional game engine) at a low level.

So let’s take a final look at our M.A.D robot and talk about some of the shortcuts taken


From concept to finished artwork.  Doing a rusty look can be time consuming, I have looked online for free tutorials which have already achieved this look.  This I alter it until I get the look I want.  I wish I could learn and do everything from scratch but there just isn’t enough time nor will it look as good.  This is what is involved in making a convincing rust look.  Each one of those squares is a type of mathematical equation.  It’s all merged together to achieve the final look. rust_network

For professional game developers, one type of job is to create these networks all year long.  It’s easy to not want to comprise and create the best game ever, It just isn’t feasible.  You have to compromise your vision… A LOT.  But whatever you do you can still make exceptional just not as grandeur.  A result of keeping smaller projects and not wasting time is that you have more time to polish what you are doing resulting in a better game.  For more details of Duke Nukem click below.  If you have any questions, I’ll love to hear and answer them, Please leave a comment below!




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