Motivation, Killer of Productivity

I would say is the hardest aspect to overcome doing challenging task in your free time is just being MOTIVATED enough. I have recently had a dramatic lack of it over the last few months, it is indeed a problem. Here at Gaming disorder, We are dedicated to recorded all the pitfalls into trying to turn a hobby into full time job, not just the technical difficulties. I’m going to treat this like any other task to overcome.

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A M.A.D. Journey – Part 2

And now we are here, almost at the point of official launch of the prelude to a game I spent almost 2 years of my life working on. It’s a interesting feeling, I’m excited and yet scared of putting something I’ve spent so long working on out there. Something close to my heart which somehow makes it a curious vulnerability to me. I hope that it brings enjoyment and fun to those that play it and I hope I get the chance to create the full version sometime soon.

This is the conclusion to A M.A.D. Journey. It touches on the graphics, tutorials and the background story of M.A.D & The Order (Yes, there is a story)

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A M.A.D. Journey – Part 1

This blog will be mostly about the early progression of M.A.D.
From it’s humble beginnings as a thought bubble* to what it is today.

*N.B. that the thought bubble most definitely did “NOT”, in any way, shape, or form, occur while high on a certain substance that occurs naturally in a wonderfully useful, underutilised, plant. That plant was demonised and made illegal thanks to a few powerful industries, racism, ignorance, control of the public and fear politics. The interesting history of that plant however is not the subject of today’s blog post.

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