Current Project

M.A.D. – Program Pilot Training

The History of M.A.D:
A M.A.D. Journey Part 1

A M.A.D. Journey Part 2

Public Beta:
The first space stations of The Order are under construction, and we are looking for the best and brightest to join us on this amazing step forward for our species.
This is the training and evaluation module for Program Pilots(Prolots).

If you have quick reflexes, superior mental abilities and are capable of dealing with the stresses of having people’s lives depend on you, then this might just be the opportunity of a life time!

Prolots are responsible for programming, with split second decisions, a route to whatever system is currently failing for the repair droids.

Granted, sitting in a room waiting for a system to fail or malfunction may sound a little dull. But when a few seconds can be difference between 10,000’s of civilians surviving or dying in mass explosions, or being sucked into the vacuum of space, or being gassed with some exotic poison because the life support system has decided to go a little haywire… Well, nothing quite beats that rush when the alarm goes off.

Do you think you have what it takes?
Download the training program and we’ll see.


Iphone/Computer: Navigate to in the browser of your choice.

*An IOS version will be uploaded to the AppStore when we get a apple developer account, which we have chosen not to do yet thanks to Apple charging an on-going cost for the “privilege” of developing for their platform.

Once you’ve played it we’d love to hear your feedback @