Often, we humans, especially in the modern western world, like to pretend that how we perceive the world is superior to all other living things. That we are the pinnacle of intelligence, sentience and consciousness on Earth.

But I can’t help wondering, what if we’re not?

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A M.A.D. Journey – Part 2

And now we are here, almost at the point of official launch of the prelude to a game I spent almost 2 years of my life working on. It’s a interesting feeling, I’m excited and yet scared of putting something I’ve spent so long working on out there. Something close to my heart which somehow makes it a curious vulnerability to me. I hope that it brings enjoyment and fun to those that play it and I hope I get the chance to create the full version sometime soon.

This is the conclusion to A M.A.D. Journey. It touches on the graphics, tutorials and the background story of M.A.D & The Order (Yes, there is a story)

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A M.A.D. Journey – Part 1

This blog will be mostly about the early progression of M.A.D.
From it’s humble beginnings as a thought bubble* to what it is today.

*N.B. that the thought bubble most definitely did “NOT”, in any way, shape, or form, occur while high on a certain substance that occurs naturally in a wonderfully useful, underutilised, plant. That plant was demonised and made illegal thanks to a few powerful industries, racism, ignorance, control of the public and fear politics. The interesting history of that plant however is not the subject of today’s blog post.

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