Welcome to Gaming Disorder,

We love games and gaming, whether it be games on a computer, or a phone, or even card and boardgames. At the moment our focus is on games of the digital kind. We are a homegrown gaming company based in Australia. We work from Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and collaborate online.


We are amateurs game creators having some fun and maybe if we are lucky we’ll end up going pro.  Join us for the journey, we will blog about the whole process, the roadblocks, the successes. It’s hasn’t been as easy imagining a great game concept then producing it. Project scale has proven to be a giant hindrance,  an idea as grand as game of thrones can be great but ultimately unachievable on a negative budget.  We will blog about the limitations that we face and how we are going to overcome them.

We will also keep some personal blogs here, as game development in our spare time is a long process and not interesting 100% of the time. So if you are also trying to create games or interested in the process. Join us.

The Gaming Disorder team.

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